Thursday, September 10, 2009

This is my best effort to help the ppl that havent become familiar with this part of SA.
The Large Dots are the Quest Givers and the corrosponding smaller dot(s) are the place to get the quest items.

Yellow Dot
Barrerak- his blessed goblin polymorph ring

He wants a Red Herring which can be caught fairly close to the entrance. There are two sparkles in the Undead Room (bone mages, shades, etc.) If you take the sparkle to the South, it will teleport you to a nice quiet place to fish. I'd recommend taking your fisherman there and stockpiling Red Herrings at your house for your characters, that way, they can take the fish to the quest giver and be done without running back and forth.
This is not the easiest place to get to. There are wolf spiders and other meanies along the road once you get close. You have to go around the north side and snake around to see him. He is at a dead end. I'd suggest to have a invis-self macro set up, as this will help you cycle thru the "accept quest" option once you get there. Once you've accepted, highlight the fish as a quest item and recall out.
The reward is Barreraak's Old Beat Up Ring which is blessed and when worn, turns you into a Goblin. I think that it is worth doing.

Red Dot
Flint- Flint's Pungent Brew

This is a long over-do item quest for Ultima. This is a Quest for BEER. Specifically, Flint Pungent Brew! Definitely a must do quest. It is also the easiest quest to complete.
This is a two part quest that can be done at once since it is just gathering items. Go to the two small reds dots and look for Barrels of Barley on the southern most red dot and Flint's Logbook on the one slightly north of that. This is the same graphic as the Book of Truth.
Once you have the four barrels and the logbook, you can recall out to get back to him, or just simply run back. You get a bottle of brew for the barrels and a keg for the Logbook. Be warned: he says that the brew is too strong for regular bottles and that you have to hold on to the original bottle he gave you!

Pink Dot
Jaaca -
Recipe for a Bowl of Rotworm Stew

This is a two-part quest that has to be done separately. Go see Jaaca and accept quest, then head off to far northwest part of the dungeon. You can easily kill the 10 green Goblins. Then, return and accept the second part which is to kill any 10 Blood named creatures, be it Blood Eles or Bloodworms. Since the Bloodworms (fat worms) spawn near the entrance, I choose to place the small pink dot there. Go back to visit Jaaca and she'll reward you with a recipe for a Bowl of Rotworm Stew and the second quest you get a pointless bag of junk/items. I'd get the recipe, and not accept the second part. Not worth your time.

Light Blue Dot

Xenrr's Quest - Xenrr's Fishing Pole

This goblin quest giver is pretty far back, but gives a very cool item. Our first real arty fishing pole. And all you have to do is catch a Mud Puppy while you fish for your Red Herrings for your other characters! I repeated the dots on the fishing places, just to be thourough! Remember, accept the quest and then go fishing, I don't know if you can catch a Mud Puppy otherwise....

Green Dot

Elder Dugan - "Missing" - Reward: Candlewood Torch, Blessed SC -1

This quest can be accepted when you do the quest for Flint to get your beer! Accept the quest and go back toward the entrance. there is a swamp looking area where there are four torsos of dead people. These are the remains of Elder Dugans companions. Kill the rotworms (the smaller worms) there and the evidence of their demise, small scrolls, will drop in your pack. When you have four of them, return to Dugan and he'll reward you with the nicest torch in game. Besides being blessed, which is so nice, you can also equip items in your right hand while holding this torch! Highly recommend this quest. Easy with a nice reward!

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