Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Wammy Ideas

First off, I wanted to post the exact details of what Wraith Form's benefits are:


Transforms the Necromancer into the form of a wraith, well-suited for resisting physical damage, but weak against magic. No duration. Casting this spell again or casting another transformation spell dispels it. Once in wraith-form, Necromancers can use the "Recall" spell, as long as the spell is in their spellbook and they have the appropriate reagents. This is true even if their Magery skill is at 0. While under the influence of the this spell, the caster receives:
+25% damage from undead weapons
+15% physical resist
-5% fire resist
-5% energy resist
the ability to walk through creatures and players in Felucca.
the ability to leech mana from the targets mana pool. (If the targets mana pool is empty then you leech nothing.) The amount leeched is based upon your Spirit Speak skill and the damage you do to the target. It works with Magery and Weapon damage. Formula - Spirit Speak / 5
At Gm (100 Spirit Speak) it leeches 20% of the damage you do to the target, and legendary (120 Spirit Speak) is 24% leeched.

Now, there are a few different templates I've been looking to build.
The first is based on close quarters combat, like facing the Dark Father.

120 swords
120 bushido
120 resisting spells
120 tactics
100 spirit speak
60 chivalry
50 anatomy
30 necro

(depending on what you are fighting, you may substitute 120 Parry for the Resist)

There is also a VERY popular alternative to the Disco Archer for making a Champ Killer.

120 Archery
120 Bushido
120 Spirit Speak
105 Necro
90 Tactics
65 Chivalry
100 Anatomy or Resist


120 Archery
120 Bushido
100 Spirit Speak
100 Tactics
100 Anatomy
75 Chivalry
50 Necro

I think I will try the last on for my archer wammy because 50 necro will allow you to cast Curse Weapon and Corpse Skin 100% of the time and should give more damage output than first template. Both are viable and tested though.

Curse Weapon is your friend!

Caster's Spirit Speak x 10 ÷ 34 + 1 in seconds

Briefly enchant your weapon to gain the power of life drain. While enchanted, the weapon will heal its wielder with 50% of the damage it deals out.

So, I forsee a few must have macros using a one-handed sword or balanced slayer bow for chugging pots.

Honor Target
Heal pot
Cure pot
Spirit Speak (if you choose template with high s/s)
Consecrate Weapon
Enemy Of One
Curse Weapon
Corpse Skin/Last Target
and of course a healthy mix of weapon specials!

In the Abyssal Blade category, it's specials are Armor Ignore and Paralyzing Blow. So, I invision my Wammy honoring the target (hopefully), getting all the buffs up (chivarly on you, necro on target) and spamming Armor Ignore til your hearts content...... because the whole point of the template is: YOU NEVER RUN OUT OF MANA!

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