Thursday, September 25, 2008

Blogging on Ultima and Goings on....

Thanks for visiting my site. This is my first attempt at blogging, so thanks for any patience you show with my newness! I've been an Ultima player, off and on, since 1999. After my longest break from the game, I came back in October of 2007 and have really enjoyed returning and creating new accounts and players. Lots of things have changed but the game still captures my imagination and I find myself thinking of strategies and templates and collecting through out my day! This, in my humble opinion, is a great hobby to have these days, as it takes you past regular video games and teaches patience, thru the training processes, cooperation, thru participating in guilds or other groups, and also stimulates your mind thru many complex problems that you encounter in-game.

I've also been a collector of rare items since I joined this community. While I've never been a "major player" in this realm of UO, I've enjoyed it and constantly am reading the Rares forum on Stratics and buying and selling on my home shard of Catskills and run vendors there and on a few other shards including Atlantic and Napa Valley.

I've been to the Asian shards recently and will be posting on those field trips in the coming days.

Thanks for reading and I hope to post some good articles and pictures on this blog for you to enjoy!

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