Thursday, September 25, 2008

Guild Participation in Stealing the Ruined Painting

Well, this was a great memory for myself and a few of my guildmates. As we are an active guild on Catskills, we constantly have people running peerless, spawns, Doom, crafting, just about anything at anytime.

There are a select group of us that are, in fact, almost exclusively "night-owls", and we've gotten to know each other quite well from the late night excursions in our home shard.

One fateful night/morning, about thirty minutes til server down, I was busy stashing my loot from multiple peerless runs, and I hear the call from my cohorts in Doom that the fabled Ruin Painting had spawned! I could hardly control my anxiousness as five or more people yelled their excitement thru Vent.

"Is anyone on a thief?", "Is anybody on that is a 120 Thief!?!?!" they called out...

I was up to the challenge! Oh no! My skill is stoned and have NO points to spare on any character! By the time I log onto the right character, transfer skills off of him, and get the stealing skill back on, the Artifact 12 PAINTING WILL BE LONG GONE!!! Let's not forget that server down is fast approaching as well, and not ONE of us knows if it will be there when the servers go live again.

I do my best to get everything together, but can't find a gold skull to save my life, nothing on, nothing in my house!

Server goes down.

We are excited but nervous that the painting is gone.

A guildmate comes to my rescue and comes and gets me with a golden skull at server up, and when I arrive at the most expensive vendor shop in all of Sosaria, the wonderfully ripped up artwork is STILL THERE!

120 Stealing does it's job and the painting is OURS!!!

We had so much fun that night and will forever hold those memories dear......

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